All of us that have been involved in surgery centers over the years, whether it be building them or recertifying them, have been through a AAAHC or JCO certification program. We all know how detailed this is.

Well, ten years ago when we built the surgical recovery suites model there wasn’t a AAAHC certification for the care that we were providing. We contacted the certification board, we visited with certification experts, then visit your facility to perform surveys and we developed a program to ensure the highest level of quality.

Well, the first time our surveyor came we got a three-year certification and we all know how important that is, as opposed to a one-year certification. We’ve been recertified over and over again by implementing the protocols and having the policies and procedures that have been successful in our facility.

We’d like to help you develop a program with AAAHC certification. You can imagine the amount of information that is necessary, the policy and procedures that need to be developed, we’ll help you develop those and share ours with you to ensure you get a AAAHC certification and, most importantly, ensure that your surveyor thinks your place is the best.