Billing and Collections

I don’t think anybody would argue with the fact that billing and collections are extremely valuable and important in your practice. And traditionally, fee for service and submitting a bill and receiving payment has been customary, but remember now, in the recover suites model, we have developed the bundled rate. Some of the payers are not familiar with bundled rates, certainly some of the ones in your community. So we negotiated contracts, we have a contract and we’ve submitted a bill. Sometimes we receive denials. Well, most importantly we can develop relationships with the payers for when this happens. The bundled rate is simple, actually.

The bundled rate is obviously very important because you have people to pay. You’ve got to pay your surgery center, your recovery suites; you’ve got to pay your anesthesiologist and even your surgeon. You’ve got to pay your implant company as well. So it is very important that you collect that money to make those disbursements.

Billing and collections in our model has been one of our biggest challenges, but also one of our biggest successes. So let us help you develop a billing and collections process that ensures you receive reimbursement for every case you do.