Identifying a location. So where are you going to put your recovery suites facility? Well, when I started the recovery suites ten years ago my goal was to put it in the same building as where the surgery center was. Now the regulations would not allow us to discharge a patient to an existing medical facility. Therefore, there had to be a space in between. In your community these regulations are well established. By knowing your regulations you’ll know where to place your facility. Whether it be adjacent to an existing ASC or do you want to do a ground up project? Where we’re going to build a building to house both the surgery center and the recovery suites.

The most important thing you can do is put it somewhere near your office because the relationship you’re going to develop with these patients is going to be incredible. And stopping by to say ‘hello’ in the morning, the afternoon or the evening, only makes the project more successful. So from a location standpoint, let us help you find an existing surgery center or existing space that we can make your recovery suites.