I would like to introduce you to Kelly Legrow. She’s a critical part of our team. Ten years ago I went to Kelly and told her I wanted to build a bundled rate program and I wanted to go to the insurance companies, I wanted to get them to pay for a hip and knee replacement in my surgery center. Initially she laughed, but I knew she was the right person; She had relationships with the payers; She had been the vice president of insurance companies; She started insurance companies and benefit programs; She’s managed them over 20+ years so I knew I had the right person.

Most importantly, I had the right person because of the relationships that she had at each one of these payers. She walked me into their front office we went to dinners together where I got to meet medical directors I never thought I would meet. Her relationships became critical to our success. Well now, Kelly Legrow is a critical part of Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC. Her role in our company is going to be the same role she had for me ten years aog. She’ll come into your community and work with your payers, develop relationships, which she probably already has.

Each one of your communities would benefit from outpatient joint replacement program and Kelly will help the payers realize it. She’ll help you build a bundled rate and she’ll make sure you get it. And when you don’t get paid after a bill she’ll help you go get that reimbursement. So introducing you to Kelly Legrow – an awesome part of our campaign.