I’d like to introduce you to Matt Smith. Matt is our Director of Business and Development. Matt has been in the Las Vegas/Henderson community for many years as a physical therapist where he founded, created and ran ‘Matt Smith Physical Therapy’. A few years ago Matt had tremendous success in selling his company to a national physical therapy provider. He went on to become a regional expert in mergers and acquisitions. Helping partner his larger company with small companies like his that he had built here in the Las Vegas community.

Matt’s a great guy and when you meet him you’ll know he’s a great guy. He’s worked with orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic patients for most of his career. He’ll be there side by side and understanding some of the challenges you have in practice and in reimbursement and implementing new programs. Matt’s an expert at all of these. I think you’d really enjoy meeting Matt and I can’t wait until he meets you and tells you about what we’re doing at Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC.