I’d like to introduce you to another part of our team – American Media Corporation (TeamAMC). They’re our sales and marketing gurus. Four years ago I needed help in this department. I was managing all of the media, the magazines and billboards and creating my outpatient joint replacement program myself, for about five years. I needed help. With these guys being social media experts, Google certified, digital marketing experts, how could I go wrong?

Well, if you look at the numbers over the last four years because now they’re measurable, and you look at our digital campaign, you look at what we’ve done in many different mediums, TeamAMC has come through unbelievably. What better team could we bring to you in your community than the team that brings patients to my office every day? And realizes when we don’t meet our marks, we don’t meet our goals, we do something different, we do it better and we achieve those goals. So I would like to introduce you to TeamAMC, our sales and marketing team who is going to come make you an awesome brand in your community.