Preparing your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) for outpatient joint replacement.

You might think that it’s as simple as doing a procedure that you’ve done many times before in the hospital and we’ll just bring it over to the ASC and we’ll do the procedure there. Well, I thought the same thing ten years ago until we started to look at the means of this center and what we had to do to prepare the ASC.

I can remember having to evaluate the sterilization units because of the number of trays that were necessary. What did we have to have in back up? How about x-ray? What did we need there? What kind of facility storage area did we need to hold all of this equipment that would perform these outpatient joint replacement procedures? Then we had to hire the right people so we had to hire the staff that was familiar with passing instruments and setting up these very important cases. I had a great time doing that and finding people locally in our community that were awesome at what they do.

One of the things we hope to do at Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC is to create a training program where your staff, nurses, your scrub techs, even your SPD folks can come visit our center, reproduce what we’ve done here and enjoy the efficiency of joint replacement.

Imagine doing five or six procedures in five or six hours, turning patients over very quickly and getting the consistent outcome. Being handed the same instrument at the same time by the same person, running two rooms with two anesthesiologists. It’s the dream of all of us and over the last ten years, we made it happen. Let us help you make it happen in your surgery center.