Licensing a facility is one of the most important parts of developing a recovery suites model. In fact, ten years ago when we started the recovery suites model the most critical element was contacting a local licensing board to determine what license would be best to have patients stay in a facility following an outpatient hip or knee replacement surgery.

We inquired with the board, most importantly, we documented conversations, we sent letters, to determine which license would be best. Now, we found a license that certainly would work, however, that license you want to make sure that your licensing board in fact has that license currently. And most importantly, that it’s acceptable when they come to evaluate and inspect your facility that it matches up to their expectations as well.

Once you’ve obtained the proper license it’s important to know your regulations. And those regulations will effect the development or building of your facility. And that may have to do with exiting, that may have to do with windows and exam rooms, that may have to do with personnel that you need to hire or office space you need to have available. Even coming down to providing meals and having a facility to do so. So do your best to know your license, develop a friend at the licensing board to help guide you through the process and have a prosperous recovery suites model.