Over the last ten years we have been managing the surgical recovery suites process with paper and EMR, emails, and spreadsheets. From the minute a patient is scheduled until that last person is paid after we receive reimbursement it has been done through a spreadsheet and email process.

Over the last several years we have looked at different software programs that might help us facilitate that process. We know that it’s a notification system in bringing all of your providers together. Authorizing the surgery, uploading operative reports and the billing and collections process. Recently, I developed a program called the Surgical Recovery Suites Software. Now, this software from the minute you schedule a patient, will walk each of your staff through the entire process.

From the minute that patient is scheduled, to the authorization, to collecting the money proactively, uploading the operative report to creating a bill and a collections process, to accounts receivable and accounts payable. This software program will walk you through the entire process and hopes to be available in January of 2019. Let us bring that software to your team to make your process run very smoothly.