Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC is a company that helps surgeons around the world build an outpatient joint replacement model. And what we do at Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC is everything from licensing and contracting with payers. We even help develop a bundle rate model I think which is really important in reimbursement and payment. We’ll help build and create a tenant improvement. We can build an awesome six, seven, eight rooms for your patients to stay in. We’ll license that facility prior to doing so and certainly assist in getting the right license to have such a great facility.

Finally, we’ll get down to the financial case manager who will be responsible for collecting money from patients and managing a billing and collections model. We’re even going to get into sales and marketing, perhaps my favorite part of this model is creating a brand in your community that makes you or your surgeons be the outpatient joint replacement surgeon(s) in that community.

Finally, we’re going to help with AAHC Certification and make it a real center. We’ll even help with financing if you need some. So this is what we do at Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC to help bring outpatient joint replacement to you and your community.