My name is Dr. Mike Crovetti and I’m the creator and founder of Surgical Recovery suites, LLC. Now this is a new company, but certainly not a new concept. I started the concept more than 10 years ago and after 2,500 successful outpatient joint replacements and a model of patients who had their surgery in the surgery center, then stay with me in a five star hotel, my hotel, we take great care of them.

We started the company about 4-6 months ago called Surgical Recovery Suites LLC. You might think ‘why did we start this company?’ well I’m an entrepreneur, I guess, and I’ve seen such a great opportunity for other surgeons and other folks to create the same model in their communities.

Several months ago I did a small focus group of an Orthopedic surgeon, there was a neurologist and several other surgeons present and I asked them a question, I said ‘what makes you happy in your practice’, ‘what makes you love what you do?’ well, there was a big pause – I asked them for three things and I don’t think we were able to come up with three great things in our practice.

Reimbursement certainly following, staffing is getting more difficult due to reimbursement following, working with the payers is becoming more difficult, collections and benefits has always been more difficult, however, we came down to one thing we all love and that’s taking care of our patients – good outcome. Taking somebody who can’t walk and helping them walk. So it all came down to outcomes and how great our patients do that make us happy. Therefore, I talked to some other friends I was looking for an advisory board, maybe to start a company.

Well, recently I had the opportunity to have a meeting in the south of France. Overlooking the water one day, I’m sitting at this meeting with two CEO’s from billionaire companies that are extremely successful and, probably, one of the top motivational speakers in the world. What chance did I have? At that point I had no chance, but to start this company, Surgical Recovery Suites, LLC.

It will help surgeons all over the world and certainly here domestically, start new companies and get the love of medicine back in their houses. Taking care of patients, would be number one, providing them the most incredible experience, number two, but the back end of business may be our biggest asset. Creating a business around something that you already love to do with reimbursement increased, staffing is amazing and most importantly, people that you love taken care of. All of these years, now we’re going to do it. So welcome to Surgical Recover Suites, LLC. We look forward to you having great life, like us.